1. Don't hack or exploit any bugs/glitches.
2. You are not allowed to speak anything other than the English language in OOC, Advert and textscreens.
3. Don't attempt to avoid your punishment in any way, you will get a prolonged Ban or a Permanent ban if you do so.
4. Do not harass or disrespect other players! You must treat the ones around you with Respect!
5. Do not advertise other servers on SmurfRP!
6. Do not impersonate staff members.
7. No profanity or taunting. You shall respect everyone whether they're staff or not.
8. Metagaming is not allowed. (In simple terms it is the use of out-of-game information or resources to affect one's in-game decisions.)
9. Sexuality/Racism/Homophobia in the server is not allowed.
10. If you see someone breaking the rules, try to warn them or contact an admin. Do not take the situation into your own hands.
11. You can make your own custom job as Citizen. But if you need to build on the street you need access from an admin.
12. You are not allowed to sell or trade in-game money with other players for real life money or games.
13. No swearing in OOC (out of context/character)
14. You're not allowed to build in the cinema.
15. You can not make your own rules that contradict server rules.


1. Killing someone without a valid reason is considered RDM which is against the rules.
2. Do not self-supply even if there are no dealers on.
3. Inappropiate or disturbing content is not ALLOWED in any shape or form.
4. NLR is active for 5 minutes after death which means you can't kill the person who killed you for 5 minutes, you also cannot return to the place of death for 5 minutes. You will also forget everything from your last life.
5. Government people such as: Police Officer, SWAT, Banker and the Mayor are not ALLOWED to have money printers or drugs.
6. Random weapon checking/confiscating are not allowed.
7. You can't do hits on a SOD as a hitman. SOD = Smurf on Duty. They are not involved in such things as ROLEPLAYING. If you have a hit on a SOD you should ask them first before trying to kill them.
8. Do not FailRP. (Doing things that your job role would not do)
9. You cannot have any printers on top of a roof.
10. Micspamming or spamming words such as cheese, fantastic, hax, get down etc. Is not ALLOWED and you will be kicked, muted or banned if you don't stop.
11. Random stunsticking or random climbswepping people is not allowed.
12. You cannot sell anything until you have made a store.
13. You are not allowed to play music whilst moving as a hobo.
14. If you want to move printers from one base to another you cannot build a box to put them in, printers have to be moved using the gravity gun on the actual printer and not a built container.
15. Do not randomly throw flash-bang grenades in the streets, only throw flash-bangs when in a confrontation with another player, such as a raid, etc.
16. KOS signs are NOT allowed! Use LWA (Leave when Asked) signs instead.
17. You are not allowed to get on any of the roof tops around the map.
18. No flying bases.
19. You may not mic spam or anything that can be offensive to other players.


1. Fading doors must have a keypad right beside the fading door and the keypad MUST be connected to the FADING DOOR as well.
2. Your keypad must last for at least 4 seconds once the code is typed in. This can be configured through the keypad options. If the fading door doesn't last for 4 seconds before closing it is considered prop block.
3. Your fading door cannot be in front of your door. That is considered prop block! The fading doors must always be behind your doors! (This is to prevent people from getting stuck while raiding. Its also a prop block for the door ram.)
4. A building sign only lasts for around 40 minutes so you get time to build your primary defences. People cant raid you while you have a building sign and you are not permitted to abuse your building sign in anyway.
5. You can have money printers while building.
6. You can only use the building sign while you're inside your house and actually building. Don't abuse the building sign. It is only for use when you need to build.
7. The hitman can't kill people while they're building.
8. Hobos cannot own any doors.
9. Crouch/Crawl and jump entrances are NOT ALLOWED.
10. You MUST use your Keypad when using your fading door. There is a reason why you must have a keypad both inside and outside! Using the hotkey on your keyboard is considered fading door abuse.
11. You are not allowed to make mazes or such in your base. Nor are you allowed to use no collide on props and put them in front of a door. It counts as prop block.
12. When using boxes or such please have a keypad nearby otherwise it's considered both prop block and fading door abuse.
13. You are not allowed to own an entire apartment when you're not using all of the rooms inside.
14. You are not ALLOWED to own more property than you are using. This is so that other players also get places to build their home instead of having just one player owning an entire district/building full of apartments/rooms.
15. You are not allowed to use the Normal Glow or World Glow render color tool on props.
16. Fake keypads are NOT allowed.
17. You have to be a hobo if you want to build in public areas e.g parks & streets etc.
18. You are not allowed to make props work that they shoot through one way, and nobody can see who's shooting, or can shoot back.
19. You are not allowed doubled fading doors to force keypad crack. This is also a prop block for the police's door ram.
20. Do not weld fading doors or any doors to anything.
21. No double fading doors or higher. This includes over-lapping fading doors.
22. Do NOT hide your keypads or buttons.
23. When having L.W.A signs (Leave when asked) you need to wait at least 5 seconds before killing them. Unless they show some form of aggression.
24. You can only have 3 fading doors to enter your base and one more for your printers.
25. You're not allowed to build on the roof.


1. Prop abusing in any shape or form is not allowed.
2. Don't prop push other players.
3. Do not prop block. You have to add a fading door and a keypad/button. Otherwise it will be considered prop block.
4. Prop surfing and Prop climbing is not allowed.
5. You may not build in spawn.
6. Invisible/Flying props are not allowed. (Cameras included)
7. You are not allowed to place a prop in front of someones camera.


1. Type /advert RAID before raiding someone.
2. Everyone involved in a raid has to advert raid, unless you're in a clan then only one of you have to do it.
3. You have to wait 15 minutes before raiding someone you have just raided.
4. East/West Coast, Corleone, Gangsters, Professional Thieves and Thieves are the only jobs that are able to mug, kidnap and raid.
5. If you got killed during a raid on your home you have to wait for the raider to /advert raid over before going back to your home. This means even if the NLR timer runs out if the raiders haven't called raid over then you still cannot return to your base or call counter-raid.
6. If you want to mug someone, then you shall type /advert MUG before doing so.
7. You can only mug players for up to 2000$.
8. You are allowed to kidnap other players. But you have to /advert kidnap. You can't request more than 10.000$ to get a player released from their kidnap.
9. You can't raid a building with a building sign.
10. After mugging you must wait 3 minutes before mugging anyone again.
11. After raiding you must wait 5 minutes before raiding anyone again.
12. You are not allowed to raid the PD.
13. You can only base with a maximum of 6 people and raid with a maximum of 5 people.
14. When adverting please only include what you're currently doing! This means you're not allowed to use a bind for every single possible advert there is! If you're raiding then /advert raid and if you're mugging then /advert mug! Don't do it like: /advert raid, mug drop 2k & kidnap.
15. You are NOT allowed to mug cops, that is considered FailRP.


1. Cops are allowed to arrest players for:
- Having a heavy gun out in public
- Shooting around randomly with pistols or Heavy Guns on walls or windows as well.
- Lockpicking doors, raiding, having explosives and keypad cracking fading doors.
- Having pistols without a gun license out in public.
- Having guns/explosives without a license.
- Having a lockpick or keypad cracker out in public
2. Having a gun license gives you these privileges:
- Being able to have a pistol/handgun out in public legally.
- You are allowed to have Heavy Guns/Rifles but you are not allowed to have them out in public. And you may use them for self-defense ONLY.
- You are allowed to have all kinds of guns. But some are not allowed to have out in Public.
- You are permitted to have Explosives but you are not allowed to have them out in Public.
3. Cops are not allowed to arrest people for:
- Having pistols out in public with a gun license.
- Door blocking, please contact an admin instead!
4. Do not kill fugitives when you have the option of arresting them instead. Killing should always be the last option of a Cop.
5. You may not raid the bank even though they have money printers. The money printers in the bank are fully legal!
6. Random lockdowns, warrants or making people wanted for no reason is NOT allowed!
7. Police Officers, SWAT and the Mayor all live in the Police Department! They are not allowed to live anywhere else but inside the PD!
8. The mayor is not allowed to have heavy weapons. He's only permitted to hand guns.
9. The Mayor is not allowed to make printers & drugs legal.
10. Police Officers & SWAT are allowed to search warrant a house if it has printer sparks coming out of it. Which usually marks illegal entities such as Drugs or printers.
11. No members of the government, Mayor, SWAT, Police and FBI are not allowed to own printers or any form of drugs.
12. No members of the government, Mayor, SWAT, Police and FBI are allowed to take drugs this is FAILRP.
13. No members of the government, Mayor, SWAT, Police and FBI are allowed to own any other doors or buildings.
14. The police can raid with 6 people.


1. Citizen can not base anywhere but the apartment buildings.
2. Citizen can only own a pistol no heavy weapons.
3. You are not allowed micspam.
4. You may only base with other citizens.
5. This is the default class if you are going to AFK.


1. You may only base with other medics.
2. You can only have handguns.
3. You have to make a hospital.
4. You are not allowed micspam.
5. You can't refuse to heal people, that's considered FAILRP.


1. You must not be at close range when you kill your target.
2. You must only kill with your sniper.
3. You are a hitman you work alone therefor you base alone.
4. You may not perform a hit on somone who is building.
5. You have to wait 2 minuts before doing another hit.
6. You have to wait 5 minuts after each failed hit. (If you died by the person you're having a hit on you have to wait 5 minuts before trying to kill him again)
7. You have to wait 10 minuts before doing a hit on the same person you just had a hit on.


1. You may not own any door as a Hobo.
2. You are allowed to micspam but you can only stand in one position if You're going to.
3. You can only build on the street as a Hobo.
4. You can only use handguns.


1. You can't base anywhere.
2. You're not allowed build on street.
3. You're not allowed to have any kind of weapons.
4. You're not allowed to raid/mug or kidnap.
5. Do not harass people on any way with the climbswep.
6. You're not allowed to micspam.
7. You're not allowed to have money printers.


1. You can only have handguns.
2. You can't base as a bartender, you have to make a bar.
3. You're not allowed to micspam.


1. You're not allowed to have any kind of weapon.
2. You're not allowed to own any door or base anywhere.
3. You're not allowed to have printer.
4. You're not allowed to show any offensive/racism or pornography videos in the cinema.
5. You're not allowed to micspam.


1. You're allowed to have heavy weapons.
2. You're allowed to store printers, but You're not allowed to own any printers yourself.
3. You're not allowed to micspam.


1. You're allowed to own the whole apartment.
2. You may only have handguns.
3. You're not allowed to own printers.
4. You're not allowed to micspam.


1. You're not allowed to kill each other even if you guys are at war, That considering RDM.
2. You're not allowed to micspam.


1. You can't base with anyone else who's not a dealer.
2. You're not allowed to sell if you do not have a shop.
3. You're only allowed to pick up one weapon for self defense.
4. Explosive/Drug and Black market dealer are only allowed to have handguns.
5. Heavy arms dealer is allowed to have Heavy weapons.


1. You must not run from a mug/kidnap.
2. You must not suicide from a kidnap/mug.
3. You may not shoot your mugger/kidnapper.
4. You are afraid of guns.
5. You may not help your friend if you are out numbered.
6. You fear the police.
7. You must not run from someone who is pointing a gun at you.

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