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Kareoke and bar - Markus - 07-16-2015


Me and nklobe (Taco Nachioso) made a bar. Then after a while we had a nice event in our bar, the event were "Kareoke".  Me and Antonio singed kareoke for a while and it were really nice evening. 

Also some cops decided to visit our bar, when they were sitting and drinking some beer i decided to put a printer on their table. Really funny reaction hahah.. 

[Image: nIhxwlq.jpg]

RE: Kareoke and bar - KuKu - 07-16-2015

Thats why you went to jail m8

RE: Kareoke and bar - Bob_The_Gamer - 07-16-2015

Its Was Fun Hear they to Sing and all the party